Be Curious, University of Leeds

7 May, 2022 (10:00-16:00)

Michael Sadler Building LG.17, University of Leeds

“The Bond of Blood: how sharing blood brings us together”

An interactive stall at Be Curious by Dr Jieun Kim with the Thackray Museum of Medicine to explore the histories and cultures of blood donation and transfusion across the world. Please feel free to stop by to take part in the hands-on activities (making your own blood bracelets, quizzes and mystery objects), check out historical transfusion kits and learn about Dr Kim’s research. No registration required. (Sponsored by the White Rose Consortium as part of the White Rose Vital Circulations Network activities.)

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Hematopolitics International Symposium: The Politics of Blood, Body and Health

23-24 May 2022 (University of Leeds)

Keynote Speaker: Professor Jacob Copeman (University of Santiago de Compostela)

Blood occupies a special place in human history for the strong associations and deep sentiments it provokes about identity, kinship, vitality, danger and sacrifice. The biomedical and biotechnological utility of blood, from transfusion to genomics, further complicates its valence and the relations formed around its flow across bodily and social boundaries. This international symposium seeks to stimulate conversations around blood’s material and affective potentialities in reconfiguring sociopolitical orders and relationalities from a range of fields, including but not limited to: sociocultural and medical anthropology, sociology of health, medical humanities, Science and Technology Studies.

Reports on the symposium can be found on our blog (here) and on the The Polyphony (here).


Blood and Othering in Medical History: Workshop with Thackray Medical Museum

12th January 2022 (online via Zoom)

This workshop explores the relationship between blood and othering in medical history through the collections at Thackray Medical Museum.

How have imaginaries of blood informed medical treatments and health governance across time and space?

What kinds of symbolic valence have been attached to different blood treatments and technologies, from bloodletting to transfusion and biobanking?

How have social anxieties and medical concerns over ‘bad blood’ given rise to particular practices around the body and public health strategies?

This workshop invites researchers in Leeds and the wider Yorkshire area to consider the relationship between blood and social othering in medical history. Presentations on anthropological and sociological studies of contemporary blood technologies and governance will be followed by an exploration of Thackray Medical Museum’s collection items related to blood, from scarificators to transfusion kits and many more.

You can find a summary of this workshop here.


BLOODSUCKERS! : The Extraordinary History of Blood

23-31 October 2021 (Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds)

A collaboration between the Hematopolitics project and Thackray Medical Museum, this week-long event featured family friendly activities, talks, and a walking tour showcasing blood’s important place in our culture and history.

If you missed it, make sure to read our blog post all about the event here.

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